148-148A Holland St, Glasgow G2 4NG.

For over 100 years the State bar has been in the heart of Glasgow. In 1905 Philip MacSorley obtained a licence for new pub on Holland Street. Philip a well know publican owned some of the best pubs in Glasgow. The State has changed hands a few times since then but still remains one of the more traditional bars in Glasgow. The State bar has been here longer than woman have had the vote!
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The state bar is the longest running Comedy room in Scotland. The renowned downstairs room has been having regular gigs since 1995 and some of todays most famous comedians have played this room. Its remembered with fondness and a lot of love by comedians new and old and always provides a great place for laughs. Home to the original Glasgow gong show (keep an eye that will be back soon) it was always at the cutting edge of comedy in it’s day and will be again.
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